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Welcome to the First Regiment Volunteers

We offer the opportunity to experience history with people like yourself. In order to make this a reality, we need to be insured. We purchase our insurance through the Lockton Insurance Group. This Group program  provides protection for our The First Regiment’s firearms and activities, as well as Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Host Liquor Liability, Hired and Non-owned Liability coverage.  Along with that, your dues also helps us to:

  • purchase gun powder
  • purchase food stuffs for some events
  • purchase cooking equipment
  • pay for mailings and entrance fees when needed

After clicking on the thumbnail form and downloading the file, it will open in Microsoft Word. The form can be filled out on the computer if your prefer. Please read and fill out the attached form carefully.
Please sign the form and include your annual membership of $25. (Also remember to keep a copy for your records).

A printable PDF files of the 1st Regiment Volunteers  liability insurance policy can be accessed by members from our private Facebook page in our “files section”

If you are interested in joining, please forward an email to:
below is access to a downloadable form…