Sourcing your Talent

Many members can sew their own regency era garments. It can be fun and rewarding. For others, it may look like an unnecessary obstacle to joining. Below are some links to people who can make or who may sell period clothing. This is a unique period for Mens’ and Womens’ clothing. A good tailor will want to do a fitting. Tell them your budget and ask any of us for advice. We want you to feel comfortable with your choice.

Below is selection of quality period tailor:

  • Company Tailor (sews later era clothing but capable of early 19th century Mens’ garments)
  • Allegheny Arsenal, Steve & Cynda Abolt (no website)
    120 Serenity Lane
    St. Simons Island, GA
    USA 31522
    912 – 638 – 2842
  • Mike Dollinger
    Indianapolis, Indiana

The Mens’ tailors listed above are posted without endorsement by the 1st Regiment or its members. Please seek references and ask about a firm delivery date. Be courteous of the time it takes to hand craft a garment.

Women’s seamstresses to come